Speakers Bureau

The Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition began 26 years ago as an outreach organization with it’s main role and function being as a speakers bureau.  Providing knowledgeable speakers for presentations, training, workshops, seminars, lectures, and panel discussions has always been the main mission of the MMWC.  Although the MMWC has greatly expanded it’s projects and programs over the years, it is still Wisconsin’s main resource on Islam.  The MMWC hosts a wide range of groups at it’s home, the Islamic Resource Center, the only Islamic cultural center and lending library in Wisconsin, as well as provides speakers who travel around the state. Frequently requested presentations include topics related to Islam, Muslims, women, gender equity, social justice, cultural literacy and political perspectives as well as a wide range of other issues.
The MMWC has set the standard for informative and thought provoking presentations on Islam and Muslims.  The speakers bureau continues to be central to our work.

If you have any questions about Islam and related topic, our knowledgeable speakers would be more than happy to give a lecture. You ca request a speaker for different events and groups.