A few words about

Girls and youth

The MMWC recognizes that adolescence is a difficult time for most teens.  Muslim teens, particularly girls and especially those coming from immigrant and refugee families face greater challenges as they grapple with their Muslim identity,  their relationship with their parents, who may not be as familiar with American culture, and  a broader society where stereotypes and racism against Muslims is not only prevalent, but sometimes accepted.  This generation is subjected to challenges on a daily basis, first as Muslims and then as females.  This program aims to provide group experiences and guidance for these teen girls and to better equip them with the knowledge, tools and strategies that will help them become the best version of themselves and active citizens in this community.

Our goal at the MMWC is to provide support for our female youth through group sessions and training that help  build identity, promote healthy relationships and effective communication skills, build self confidence and self esteem and empower these young ladies so that they may have bright futures and lead us into creating a better world for future generations.

Our youth programs target two age groups:

Girls ages  12- 14 and 15-18