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Networking Brunch

What is Networking Brunch?

The MMWC holds a monthly networking brunch to encourage building meaningful relationships, overcome challenges, and create positive experiences for Muslim women and and the community at large.  This popular program helps to break with stereotypes and look to fostering true understanding of the Muslim community. Although the brunches are attended overwhelmingly by women, some of the topics and speakers have drawn many interested men.

The brunches enhance cultural awareness and understanding by inviting the public to participate in programs that are of interest and importance to the wider community.  Held at the Islamic Resource Center, the brunches provide a space for women to network and share interests and work-related issues of importance to all communities.  Bonding over food is something you do with friends, it breaks down barriers and allows openness of opinions and discussions in a convivial and relaxed setting.  This is often how lasting memories and new friendships are forged.

Women from all socio/cultural/faith backgrounds are welcome.   The presenters talk about a range of topics, ranging from fun topics such as cooking, arts and crafts to more serious issues revolving around politics, health, work, technology and even polemical topics that push the discussion beyond stereotypes to strive for the real exchange of ideas in the hope of fostering better understanding across communities.

Events 2019 - 2020

Our Networking Brunch is a monthly program. Due to current Covid-19 situation we had to cancel all IN person gatherings.