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International Visitors

International Visitors Leadership Program

The Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition is called upon frequently to host visitors from around the world.  The visitors are chosen by embassies overseas and are part of the U.S. State Department’s National Council for International Visitors (NCIV) which is based in Washington D.C.
The purpose of the International Visitors Program is to promote citizen diplomacy, believing that it is the responsibility of every citizen to help shape U.S. foreign relations by representing the United States.  Guests represent a wide range of professional and cultural professions and come to learn and exchange ideas from experts in their fields.
The Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition has hosted a vast array of visitors to Milwaukee.  The MMWC is a unique model in the nation for being created and run entirely by Muslim women.  The Islamic Resource Center, home of the MMWC and home to Wisconsin’s only Islamic lending library is not only a cultural center but a meeting destination for many diverse faiths and ethnicities.  The MMWCs outreach efforts, film festival, Wisconsin Muslim Journal and robust interfaith and social justice programs has made it a popular destination to showcase what is possible in America.  
Guests have ranged from media professionals, non-profit leaders, women leaders, Japanese performers and even Yemeni imams and Russian Mufti’s.  Every year, the MMWC hosts several different delegations.  Besides touring the Islamic Resource Center, the guests are invited to a panel discussion and to share a meal.